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If you like premium quality scuba diving, come and scuba dive with us!

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Ocotal Scuba Diving Resort and Hotel is considered one of the best world scuba dive destinations, with an extra touch in style, comfort & service. Ocotal offers a privileged location with panoramic views of Papagayo Gulf, you can enjoy an extensive variety of services, including: the best scuba diving safaris in Costa Rica, PADI scuba diving certifications, PADI scuba diving courses, sportfishing, adventure tours, health Spa, snorkeling, kayaks, romantic honeymoon packages, unique weddings, superb cuisine, fishing packages, mountain bikes... The best choice for your dreamed scuba diving vacation.

Experience the ultimate diving adventure, at one of the best resorts, with massive schools of fish, rays, jack's, whale sharks, giant mantas, sea turtles, bull sharks, white tip sharks, dolphins, and more...

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Certification for Sustainable Tourism

Ocotal Beach Resort is currently working towards achieving the highest level of sustainable tourism through a program presented by the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism, ICT. The program, Certification for Sustainable Tourism, CST, is a program that categorizes hotels based on the level of sustainability that they achieve.

So what is sustainability? Sustainability is related to the quality of life in a community. It insures the economic, social and environmental systems that make up the community are providing a healthy, productive, meaningful life to all the community residents, for the present and the future.

To achieve this award, hotels are evaluated in 4 areas.

1. Physical-biological parameters Evaluation of the interaction between the hotel and its surrounding natural habitat.

2. Infrastructure and services Evaluation of the management policies and the operational systems within the company and its infrastructure.

3. External clients Evaluation of the interaction of the company with its clients in terms of how much it allows and invites the client to be an active contributor to the company's policies of sustainability.

4. Socio-economic environment Evaluation of the interaction of the company with the local communities and the population in general.

The certificate is awarded in levels 1 – 5, with level 5 reflecting over 95% accomplishment in all the areas of evaluation. This is the ultimate goal of Ocotal Beach Resort, to reach a level of sustainability above and beyond the minimum and to set an example for the community.

We hope that during your stay at Ocotal Beach Resort, you choose to participate in some of the many practices we have implemented to lessen our impact on the natural, cultural and social resources of the country. We welcome your comments and ideas. Please be sure to fill out our sustainability questionnaire upon check-out.


Some of our Sustainability Practices Include:

Trash Management
– Ocotal Beach Resort has adopted a new plan for the trash the hotel makes. With this new plan, we have decreased the amount of trash by almost 90%. Here are some of the ways we manage our wastes:

We have started a recycling program for the hotel and for the Ocotal Beach area

We do not purchase individually wrapped containers for items such as butter, jelly, sugar, etc

All organic trash is composted into fertilizer for our gardens

We no longer purchase environmental un-friendly products such as Styrofoam

We carefully monitor the use of items to reduce trash and reuse what we can

Saving Water and Water Treatment
– We have installed a complete water treatment plant that recycles the water we use into clean fresh water for our irrigation system. We also offer an optional non-daily towel washing service for our clients.

Energy Saving
– Many parts of the resort are open air allowing for natural illumination and ventilation. We also use energy efficient light bulbs whenever possible.

Use of Environmental Friendly products
– All cleaning products for the hotel are environmentally friendly products.

Guest Involvement
– We offer numerous ways for our guests to be involved in our sustainability efforts and information on local natural areas to visit.

Dive Shop
– Our on-site dive shop has received the 2006 Environmental Excellence Award from Project AWARE for their numerous projects and efforts towards aquatic conservation.

Community – We support numerous activities and organizations in the local community and Costa Rica continually throughout the year. Our Costa Rican staff is ___% from the local area.

– Our staff has been trained and educated in the many wonderful changes that have been made in the hotel. Our staff is invited to share their ideas and suggestions with management.

Beach Clean-up Event with children from the local school

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